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10 Pack D-Ring Grim-lock

10 Pack D-Ring Grim-lock

10 Pack D-Ring Grim-lock

10 Pack Multipurpose D-Ring Grimlock Locking for Molle Webbing with Zippered Pouch

Product Description


Have you ever got frustrated when using the carabiner clips?

Do your clips for molle webbing open a lot by accident and turn upside down?

Are you trying to save ounces here and there when out for hikes?

If you keep "yes" in your mind, you should give Grimlock a try, A nice secure locking D ring.

They are made of strong plastic, they snap and unsnap easily but are very secure when they are snapped,

so you will be able to avoid the "accidental" openings.

You can attach something to a molle pack with this little molle D-ring clips, or get them onto the webbing

loops on your backpack quickly. You will find this is a great accessory for molle gears with features of

"simple, light, and effective".


The D- ring locking is designed to be the most practical to use, so you will be able to quickly remove or

add equipment to the carabiner.

Lightweight, strong, don't rattle or make noise

These clips secure straps to molle material with a secure snap



Attached to a tactical vest,

camping/ hiking backpack or other equipment with MOLLE system,

for attachment of lanyards, weapons, and accessories


Maximum load: 10kg (Not for climbing)

Material: POM plastic

Size: Approx. 2.1” (L) x 1.4” (W)

Package includes:

10 x Multipurpose D-Ring Grimlock

1 x Zippered Pouch

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  • Model: 10 Pack Multipurpose D-Ring Grimlock