Are you Safe?

Do you think YOU ARE SAFE? Think again!

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Do you think YOU ARE SAFE? Think again!

"We created a ballistic backpack system with one simple yet vital purpose in mind: to protect lives"

About the VESTPAK Backpacks.

The VESTPAK™ is a Patented Bulletproof Backpack for Civilians, Law enforcement, and smart people in general. Aside from having a NIJ Level IIIA panel in the back of the backpack, there’s the EASY PULL™ tab on the side of the pack that deploys a wrap-around frontal NIJ level IIIA panel giving you a full frontal and rear IIIA protection. In seconds, you are fully armored against most handgun and shotgun threats with all vital areas are protected.

Provides peace of mind wherever your family goes!

Take self defense and personal protection seriously. Shop VESTPAK bulletproof backpacks & more. Gear up with premium self protection bulletproof apparel & more.


We at Black Pencil are dedicated to the protection of every civilian, and our focus is to provide the best low profile Bulletproof Backpack. We create products that offer you and your loved ones the best protection available today, to be used by both civilians and military personnel.