More Panels

VESTPAK- More Panels. More Protection

Vestpak Ballistic backpacks have more panels - Front and Back. so you are more covered and more protected.


More Panels. More Protection.

How does it protect me?

2 PanelsWrap Around Design
More AreaMore Protection
Materials100% Kevlar
ProtectionFront & Back

VESTPAK Bulletproof Backpack  is the perfect combination of function and protection. It is a discreet and effective way to have the personal protection you desire at a moment’s notice.  In addition to being a reliable bulletproof backpack, it features two Level IIIA armor. Our Patented  Fast action deployment  in under 3 seconds, gives you protection Front and Back! 

Also Great for travel, Journalists and civilians,  this TSA-approved ready-to-go bulletproof backpack is legal in all 50 states and abroad.