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4-Layer Face Masks (500Pcs)

4-Layer Face Masks (500Pcs)

4-Layer Face Masks (500Pcs)

4-Layer Surgical Face Masks - Made in the USA!


Product Description

4-Layer Surgical Medical Face Masks - Disposable Procedure Ear Loop Style

Mask Dimensions: 6.69" L x 3.74" W. Each Ear Loop is 6.89" long. These are Surgical Face Masks Meant for Medical Use and Provide Liquid Barrier Protection. The 4 Polypropylene Layers of these Masks come from North Carolina and Kentucky!

  • Wear Masks with Nose Wire at the Top and Pleats Facing Down Away from the Face for Maximum Liquid Barrier Protection:
    • Side Touching Your Face: Pleats Face Up
    • Side Away From Your Face: Pleats Face Down
  • Wrap Ear Loops around each Ear and Bend Nose Wire to Conform to the Face
  • For a Tighter Fit: Twist Ear Loops in Front of the Ear - or - Tie a Knot in the Ear Loops to Shorten
    • For Smaller Ear Loop Masks, Check Out Our Youth Masks! They Use the Same Size Face Mask with Shorter Ear Loops (4.5” Long)!

Each box comes with 50 Face Masks. Masks may ship with or without WMS imprinted on the masks. Manufactured and Distributed Only by Wisconsin Medical Supplies in Wisconsin, USA!         

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  • Model: 4-Layer Face Masks (500Pcs)