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Welcome to Black Pencil Mobile

Black Pencil Mobile is an innovative, state-of-the-art safety products brand that seeks to provide everyday consumers with the highest quality products to protect themselves in the event of a potentially fatal crisis.

Through its e-commerce channel, www.vestpak-usafe.com, Black Pencil Mobile offers a wide range of the industry’s top bulletproof backpacks and emergency kits that are uniquely designed, subtle, and extremely effective.

Black Pencil Mobile resells a variety of emergency and safety kits, including backpack kits, solar panels, battery kits, solar battery, food, water, tactical knives, pouches, and more.

These kits serve as accessories to VESTPAK™, and VESTPAK™ has been designed with these accessories in mind. Thus, these accessories are a seamless integration to Black Pencil Mobile’s core products.

Bulletproof backpack and emergency kits for EVERYONE!

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