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Avenger -Military Grade LED Flashlight- Stun Gun

Avenger -Military Grade LED Flashlight- Stun Gun

Avenger -Military Grade LED Flashlight- Stun Gun

Stun Gun Ultra-Powerful Series Rechargeable– 1.9uC Charge Portable Stun Gun – 380 Lumen LED Flashlight – Military Grade Aluminum – Includes Case.

Best Stun Gun Ultra-powerful Series Rechargeable 1.9uC Charge Portable Stun Gun Ultimate Self Defense with Blinding 380 Lumen LED Flashlight Military Grade Aluminum Includes Case


Whether you want to be able to walk alone at night in all sorts of neighborhoods or you simply want the best for your family, you can never be too cautious when it comes to your physical safety. When it comes to stunning guns, the Avenger Defense is definitely the right choice!

Why is this product for you?

Made with military-grade aluminum alloy, with state of the art technology and latest safety features including high-power electric current, this stun gun is a must for every responsible adult who is aware that he has to keep his family and himself protected against any sort of attacker, burglar or the like.

Some of the amazing features of this product:

  • Complete set includes Avenger Defense Tactical High-Power Stun Flashlight, Battery Charger, Two Rechargeable Lithium-Ion Batteries, Heavy Duty Nylon Holster, Case, and Instructions;
  • 1.9 uC charge causes intolerable pain;
  • LED flashlight with high, low and strobe settings;
  • Safety lock protects against accidental discharge;
  • Practical and ergonomic design;
  • Super bright LED flashlight blinds the attacker and is useful for nighttime illumination;
  • Comfortable and user-friendly;
  • Waterproof, for all weather conditions;
  • Rechargeable batteries.

Condition of Sale:

The purchase of this product is an agreement by the purchaser/user to hold all sellers and manufacturers harmless of all liabilities and damages. Due to restrictions in some states, counties, and city laws, we do not ship to all the locations. Please consult/follow your local and federal laws regarding this product. 

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