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Avenger Portable Stun Gun

Avenger Portable Stun Gun

Avenger Portable Stun Gun

Portable Stun Gun – Extremely Powerful Rechargeable Stun Gun for Self Defense and Protection 

Best Portable Stun Gun Extremely Powerful Rechargeable Stun Gun for Self Defense and Protection BuiltIn LED Flashlight and Carrying Case Intimidating and Comfortable Design.

Avenger Defense stun gun will give you the ultimate protection while on the street, in the comfort of your own home, or even in the car. The sturdy design, special features, high voltage power, and loud decibel level will definitely draw attention and scare off any attack attempt!

Avenger Portable Stun Gun

Designed to Protect:

If put in an unpleasant situation, a test fire in the air will surely scare an attacker who cares about his health. Intimidating electrical sound and the bright electric current will make the attacker think twice before making a move. When the attacker will be touched, the stun gun will deliver a high voltage shock which will cause the attacker to lose balance and muscle control, making him disoriented and confused.

Some of the amazing features of this product:

  • Powerful 1.3 micro coulombs (µC) charge. - Indicates stun gun strength according to the NIJ.
  • 100 dB sound, very loud like a subway train, attract attention and alerts.
  • Built-in 120-lumen bright LED flashlight.
  • Anti-Grab bar technology - It will shock the attacker if they seek to disarm you.
  • Very sharp Spike Electrodes that easily penetrate thru thick clothing.
  • Internal Rechargeable Battery – No expensive batteries to buy.
  • Long-lasting battery charge.
  • Includes charging cord, belt holster/carrying pouch.

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