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Digital Night Vision Goggles

Digital Night Vision Goggles

Digital Night Vision Goggles

Digital Night Vision Goggles Binoculars for Total Darkness—Infrared Digital Night Vision Large Viewing Screen, 32GB Memory Card for Photo and Video Storage—Perfect for Surveillance.

Product Description

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Our night vision binocular is an outstanding business among the high-performance optics industry. Our mission is to provide high-quality and reliable optical products to yours.

We try our best to satisfy your needs for outdoor exploration and let you enjoy the fun of hiking, wildlife observation, night fishing, bird watching, and camping.

The digital night vision goggle is imaged by the CMOS image sensor which is totally different from thermal imaging. In the actual using process, you can also turn on the infrared auxiliary light if necessary according to the ambient light. Not taking other factors into consideration, for the digital night vision at the same level, the higher intensity of infrared auxiliary light you use, the farther the IR irradiation range is, and the farther you can see.

Compared to its first generation in the same dark environment, this new digital night vision makes it easier to capture the target. Meanwhile, you can view subjects from a farther distance and get a brighter picture.

The viewing distance of digital night vision will definitely increase correspondingly when its magnification increases. But it is better to observe the target within the proper magnification range. Otherwise, it will have a strong impact on what you see.

Digital Night Vision Goggles

7 Gear Adjustable IR

High-Performance Night Vision

Powered by 6*AA Battery(Not Included)

Highly Portable

Connect to PC

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