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Custom Backpacks (Do it Yourself)

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The TIME is NOW to get prepared!

A simple and yet a very powerful way to customize your backpack for what you need.



Creating your own Modular Backpack. Welcome to the DIY VESTPAK™ Backpacks.



Besides several Emergency kits featured in our website you can pick and choose any item at the Vestpak-usafe.com and customize them for your specific needs, such as:

  • Land or Sea.
  • Traveling In the U.S. or overseas.
  • Snow or Desert places.
  • Emergency situation or preparednes.
  • Terrorism and more.


Throughout human history, there have been many threats to the security of nations. These threats have brought about large-scale losses of life, the destruction of property, widespread illness and injury, the displacement of large numbers of people, and devastating economic loss.
Recent technological advances and ongoing international political unrest are components of the increased risk to national security.



Many people are concerned about the possibility of a public health emergency such as a natural disaster, act of terrorism, or disease outbreak. You can take steps now to help you prepare for an emergency and cope if an emergency happens. To help you prepare, we’ve provided step-by-step actions you can take beforehand to protect yourself and your loved ones.


Get prepared NOW!

Purchaser agrees that the purchaser or his heirs, agents or assigns shall never bring any action in any court of law and disclaim any right to anydamages from Seller, including compensatory damages, incidental damages,consequential damages, punitive damages, costs, and attorneysfees. Buyer is responsible to make sure that body armor plates are worn in the correct way and right direction