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We feature in our VESTPAK™ webstore, lots of products for self-defense and emergency kits with over 50 customization options, that can make sure you are protected wherever you go.


Nobody wants to be the victim of an attack.  It’s not like we walk to our cars after work hoping to get mugged in a dark alleyway, but unfortunately, many of us grow up hearing that we’re constantly in danger of being victimized. But have you ever stopped to think what you’d actually do if you found yourself in a threatening situation? Do you know how to defend yourself?


No matter who you are, you should have a personal defense plan




Self Defense: What to Carry If You Don’t Want to Carry a Gun?


Personal protective equipment is self-defense.


With a proper plan in place, you can avoid becoming a victim. Here’s a quick list of things you can do to prepare yourself to counter an attack:

  • Know your weapon. You need to get to know your carry item as if it were an extension of yourself. Different safety mechanisms can be tricky to operate and will slow you down if you don’t know how to operate them. Things like switching off a safeguard, pressing the right button, or uncapping pepper spray are all things you should practice beforehand.
  • Have quick access. You want your weapon in hand when you need it. Fumbling through your purse or pockets during an attack will only help the attacker. Keep your self-defense weapon easily accessible. If it’s in your purse, put it in a place where it won’t get buried or hold it in your hand as you walk to your car at night.
  • Pay attention. The best plans include avoiding dangerous people and locations. Being aware of your surroundings and keeping your distance from potential threats will reduce your chances of being attacked. Knowing the nearest exit or place to run can help you escape as well.





Self-defense carry items

It’s important to choose a self-defense tool that makes you feel comfortable. The last thing you want to do is constantly worry about it in your pocket, purse, or wherever else you keep it. Fortunately, there are a variety of self-defense items to choose from, each with its own unique protecting power. We’ve listed our recommendations from most aggressive to least aggressive. Keep scrolling to find a carry item that meets your comfort level.





Tactical Knife

A tactical knife is perhaps the best self-defense weapon you can carry. In fact, within 20 feet a knife can be more effective, and more deadly, than a gun. We really like the idea of carrying a knife as your personal defense weapon because knives have multiple uses, even outside of self-defense.

Taser or Stun Gun

Another popular personal defense item is a Taser. Many people choose to carry Tasers or stun guns over guns, knives, or other items because they are non lethal and immobilize the target for a minimum of five seconds.

Tactical Pen

This is perhaps the most clever choice of our recommended self-defense carry items, in that it’s something inconspicuous but also very useful in defending yourself from an attack. Available on Amazon, Smith & Wesson Tactical Pen provides the same type of hands-on protection as a tactical knife, without a bladed edge. You could argue that it has less utility than a knife, but it is a great choice if you’re not comfortable carrying a blade. And yes, it works as a real pen, too

Self-Defense Keychain / Keys

Personal defense comes in many different forms, and sometimes we need to rely on the help of others. But in order for someone to come to the rescue, they first need to know that you are in trouble. Many self-defense classes will recommend carrying a whistle or personal alarm, like this Vigilant Personal Alarm, that you can trigger when you need help.

What we like about the Vigilant personal alarm is that it’s small and can be attached to your keys for easy access. And it’s loud. Any device that is over 100 decibels will grab the attention of anyone close by. Vigilant also equipped this device with a backup whistle in case the alarm batteries fail.


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