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Welcome to Vestpak™ Video Section.


This is a demonstration of how effective, fast and unique the VESTPAK™ is.


We tested out a new bulletproof (bullet resistant) backpack that gives you the same level or even higher of protection than a police vest. While this looks likes a normal backpack, complete with multiple compartments, inside are two level IIIA or higher (III, III+ or IV) panels. One panel can be pulled out to cover the front of the wearer. In this test we used with the "largest caliber" we had, so we shot it with a magnum deer slug expecting it to go through the panel.


Putting the VESTPAK to the test!  It really Works!


This video was recorded in Ladera Ranch, California with one student that just had learned about the Vestpak™ Bulletproof Backapck  process with the patented Easypull™ deployment.

He just deployed the front vest with no practice on the first try out! And that's all there is. He got protected Front and Back.

If it were a reall life threat emergency, he was prepared Front and Back in a matter of seconds. Check it out!


VESTPAK™ Demonstration by a teenager with no military training.


American Slug Caliber 12 Gauge test.

VESTPAK™ Demonstration Shotgun with NO books.










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Original soundtracks and video composed by: George Freitas.
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