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The VESTPAK™ bulletproof backpack has finally arrived. It's a simple and very powerful backpack system built directly for Civilians. We integrate over 50 emergency products that can be customized for your needs. You can make sure you are protected wherever you go. You rest assure that you are protected in seconds. Check our videos of  How to use and deploy the VESTPAK™. We only carry 100% Kevlar™ bulletproof fabric made in the U.S.A. And all the backpacks come with solar kits included. It is the coolest thing ever!  All vital areas are protected and all of this is stored in a low profile and modern backpack. The VESTPAK™ comes in 4 different styles and has many modules that you can add later with the items you want to carry out. See more information here.




"We created the VESTPAK™ Bulletproof backpack with one simple yet vital purpose in mind: to protect lives".
                                                                                                                                   The VESTPAK™ provides  EVERYONE with unparalleled protection. 



Personal protective equipment is self-defense. That's why we are working on USAFE emergency app. USAFE works at a touch of a button to alert your preselected contacts, including first responders and police. The USAFE app will be synchronized with Apple Watch and activated remotely in a similar way the phone app is activated, in a fast, efficient, and discreet manner, sending notifications to all your contacts.






The USAFE app is exceptionally user-Friendly. It is easy to use and quickly provides the police and other First responders with critical information from the first moments of any emergency. Soon to be available at Apple store and Google Play.

We all know that disaster can strike in an instant. Whether it is weather-related, man-made or due to some other cause, disasters often occur with little or no warning.

So the best time to prepare for a disaster is BEFORE! The USAFE app will get you act together. The VESTPAK™ will protect you agains shootings and terrorism attacks. The Emergency Kits will make sure you and your loved ones are safe and taken care of having everything they need.




Black Pencil Mobile- Investors Relations







Black Pencil Mobile is bringing to market a bulletproof vest adaptation (bullet-resistant vest as a personal armor that helps absorb the impact from firearm-fired projectiles and shrapnel from explosions) used by the authorities and the army in the shape of a modern modular backpack and we have also included a brand new app for emergencies that is accurate and trendy.






Black Pencil Mobile, Inc. was founded in 2013 by founder, George Freitas, who serves as the Company’s Chief Executive Officer.  Black Pencil Mobile has been operated primarily as a developing production studio for the past few years, designing products, mobile games and apps and audio.

We have developed an easy to use bulletproof backpack system: THE VESTPAK™ SYSTEM that provides students, teachers and civilians with unparalleled protection in the event of a shooting.

The VESTPAK™ backpack features a Patented EASYPULL™  (quick deployment)  vest, offering the highest ballistic protection available today (Level IIIA),  providing a powerful and effective solution against shootings and other threats.


The VESTPAK™ consists of 2 or more ballistic panels hidden inside the backpack, ready for quick deployment during an incident and also absorbing shrapnel impact from explosions.


  • Front vest to protect the chest and vital organs.
  • Rear panel to cover the back.


 More protection. More to Life.


Want to know more? Write to us:

P.O. Box 52762 Irvine, CA 92619 USA

Email: vestpak@vestpak-usafe.com


Purchaser agrees that the purchaser or his heirs, agents or assigns shall never bring any action in any court of law and disclaim any right to anydamages from Seller, including compensatory damages, incidental damages,consequential damages, punitive damages, costs, and attorneysfees. Buyer is responsible to make sure that body armor plates are worn in the correct way and right direction.