“We created a ballistic backpack system with one simple yet vital purpose in mind: to protect lives”

Top features


This is a unique Ballistic Backpack system!

A Ballistic backpack for Children and Civilians, which includes the USAFE app and Apple™ iWatch emergency alert system protecting you during a life emergency threat.  The VESTPAK™ backpack system contains original KEVLAR™ bulletproof fabric which protects the back, an easy-to-unfold vest made of the same bulletproof materials Level III A, that can be released to cover the torso of the user. All vital areas are protected and all of this protection is stored in an attractive backpack.
The Patent issued VESTPAK™ features several patented such as the quick-release EASYPULL™ system that gives speedy access to the vest.
The VESTPAK™ SYSTEM comes with the USAFE iPhone app that when activated becomes a panic alert device that notifies a preselected list of emergency contacts including emergency personnel and families, simultaneously broadcasting the student’s GPS location and much more.

The VESTPAK™ System can be worn on a daily basis, quickly protects a student from a dangerous threat, and notifies the police of the student’s location in the event of an emergency.
Here is what is included:



Why a system?

The VESTPAK™ System represents an unique Ballistic backpack is designed to provide an unparalleled back and torso protection against gunfire, also absorbing shrapnel impact from explosions. The VESTPAK™ consists of 2 ballistic bulletproof panels hidden in the backpack, ready for quick deployment during an incident.

Front vest to protect the chest and vital organs. Rear panel to cover the back. More Ballistic layers. More protection. More to Life.

Advanced Modular Design

We made the VESTPAK™ backpack very attractive in design and styles that everyone will love, featuring a modern MODULAR Design (interchangeable) to be used as an everyday backpack, according to your needs and for future expansion of our line.

If you need more space for travel, get the travel module kit. If you need the electronics module there is VESTPAK™ KIT that is perfect for all your electronic devices.

The VESTPAK™ is as versatile as you are.

We use 100% DuPont™ Kevlar ® materials that can withstand ballistic attacks from a range of handguns. Every one of our VESTPAK™ of ultra high-end Kevlar fiber. We also submit our bulletproof backpack to be tested by the NIJ.