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 URBAN & EXECUTIVE  Digital Bulletproof Backpack Level IIIA

Bulletproof  "URBAN & EXECUTIVE" –Level IIIA

*Entry Level with 01 lightweight Ballistic Panel.

Backpack with Programmable Screen Smart Digital

  • LED backpack for those who dare to be different. This super cool backpack connects the portability of a laptop backpack with the creativity of a cool gadget. This backpack allows you to customize its design while you’re on the go. By syncing it with your iOS/android phone you can fully control the appearance of your laptop backpack. 
  • HOW DOES IT WORK? 3 simple steps: Plug in the power bank, pair the to your smartphone device and display images, animations, widgets and even games right on your Backpack. 
  • INCREDIBLY DURABLE DESIGN. This LED backpack is made out of flexible, water repellent material that makes resistant to water splashes and major physical impact. You can drop, hit and bend this backpack for men and women as much as you like and the animation won’t be disrupted.
  • IMPORTANT FEATURES. The screen resolution of 16x20px allows for 16. 5 million color variations, so you can draw anything you want. The 34 oz weight turns this digital backpack into an ideal travel, college or school backpack that proves to be functional in daily life.
  • WHAT FITS IN THIS LAPTOP BACKPACK? The 27L volume makes it a spacious backpack with a separate compartment for: 15” laptop, tablet, wallet, keys, large headphones, power bank, bottle of water, books, pens and much more. 

You also can choose your own solar panel and battery kit in the Solar panels and Solar charger/battery of your choice.

Click these links below and customize your backpack.

Solar Charger Battery

Solar Panels

"URBAN & EXECUTIVE"  Bulletproof backpacks for Civilians and and smart people in general with a unique combination of product and protection for a busy lifestyle.

  This model features Level IIIA.

  This Backpack can be worn on a daily basis and is perfect for normal commute or a quick flight. A Perfect accessory for military discreet operations and protections for civilians.

Meet the Digital Ballistic Backpack

A smart backpack designed to brighten your day with some Backpack light. It’s a perfect urban & laptop backpack for men and women that allows you to customize its design while you’re on the go. From the very moment you get your Digital Backpack, you become a geek, an artist, a raver, or all of these at once. As you plug in the power bank to the LED Pix Backpack, it lights up and puts on a pixel show for you.

Then, with a few strokes of the fingertips on your mobile device, you can pair your smartphone with backpack and display images, animation, widgets and even games. If you’re looking for a practical birthday gift or cool gadgets for anyone who goes to school, college or work, this Backpack is a go-to option and you will be safe with the implemented Ballistic Panel inside.

Practical Backpack

The durable design of this backpack makes it a good fit for anyone who’s on the move. 


These plates are designed to achieve NIJ Level IIIA protection and is a “Stand Alone” plate.

Stand Alone plates are designed and tested to defeat ballistic threats using the plate only.

The Polyethylene Armor Rifle plates are manufactured using high-performance, high density polyethylene, resulting in a lightweight, durable hard armor, ideal for daily tasks

VESTPAK™ works hand to hand with International Armor’s providing a great solution for ballistic Backpacks.

No ballistic vest is required, as all the ballistic energy and fragments are stopped in the plate. These plates are usually reserved for tactical operations or anti-terrorist work where the ammunition threat is unknown, or if the wearing of a vest is considered too cumbersome.


·         Lightweight

·         Multi-Hit capability

·         Front and back placement

·         Positive buoyancy (floats) for maritime operations

·         Resistant against drops, water, sun, temperature change, acids and oils

·         Extremely durable

·         Drop resistant

·         Withstands extreme climates

·         Moisture/salt water resistant

·         Stands up to harsh use

The VESTPAK™ Bulletproof Backpack.

VESTPAK™ Demonstration

URBAN & EXECUTIVE Digital Bulletproof Backpack Level IIIA

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