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POM Pepper Spray Pocket Clip

POM Pepper Spray Pocket Clip Maximum Strength OC Spray Safety Flip Top 10ft Range 24 Bursts Compact Discreet for Running, Cycling, Outdoors

  • POM Clip – NOTE: The POM Clip Model does NOT attach to the free quick key release. ONLY POM Snap and Key Models attach to the Quick Key Release. Our clip model is designed to be carried with you on the go! Our patented Clip model (U.S. Patent #10,144,563) is mean to be clipped inside your pocket, arm band (while running) or purse, for easy access. The clip model is a stealth and discrete way to carry pepper spray on your person.
  • POM Clear – Our propriety formula, measuring at 1.40% Major Capsaicnoids, is designed as the strongest and safest legal formula to provide you and your loved ones Peace of Mind.
  • POM Flip-Top – Our signature patented flip-top dispensing system is the best firing system on the market. Covered by U.S. Patent #9,815,612, our flip-top design is the manifestation of over 40 years of experience manufacturing aerosol products to bring you the safest and highest quality firing system on the market. Our flip-top removes the fear of accidentally firing the product while in your bag, pocket or purse, bringing you Peace of Mind wherever you go.
  • POM Bands – We designed POM differently: for you. Emphasizing convenience, functionality and a design-drive approach, we made POM to be personalized to fit who you are! Our 8+ patent pending ring colors, models and base-colors offer you a variety of combinations and carrying options that fit your lifestyle and personality!
  • Peace of Mind – The perfect gift! Our goal is to bring you Peace of Mind wherever life takes you. Whether you are traveling to a new place, going on a run, or staying late at work, POM is there for you no matter what life brings. We pride ourselves knowing that POM can bring you and your loved one’s comfort and security during life’s uncomfortable situations. Live your life with POM!

Product Description

POM is the next generation of pepper spray. Our POM Clip model is perfect for everyday carry and those who live an active lifestyle. The compact ½ oz unit has a patented pocket clip design that is meant to be carried in your pocket or in your handbag. Our patented flip-top firing system prevents accidental misfire, so you can have Peace of Mind anywhere you go. To use your POM, insert your thumb beneath flip-top and press down on the actuator to fire our powerful 1.40% M.C. formula, POM Clear. Choose from a selection of modern colors that make this discreet pepper spray, . POM is the innovative personal defense spray that’s designed to let you take on whatever life has in store.

Next Generation Pepper Spray

POM Pepper Spray White Keychain Maximum Strength Self Defense Non Lethal Weapon Powerful Safety CutePOM Pepper Spray White Keychain Maximum Strength Self Defense Non Lethal Weapon Powerful Safety CutePOM Pepper Spray White Keychain Maximum Strength Self Defense Non Lethal Weapon Powerful Safety Cute


POM’s patented firing system and floating actuator maximizes performance and reliability. Our flip-top design provides peace of mind to those who worry about accidental misfire and care about improved firing performance. Our formula, POM Clear, is a powerful water based 1.40% M.C. nitrogen propelled formula.


POM is the latest personal carrying unit available in the market. All units are made with FDA approved Polymer, a plastic product that is free from lead, toxins, and harmful chemicals. With offer three base models are available in three base colors and nine ring colors. Find the POM that fits your personal style.


  • POM Key is the traditional key ring model that easily attaches to any key ring or key ring accessory.
  • POM Clip is our sport model. Its patented clip design attaches to sport accessories or handbags and is ideal for the on-the-go lifestyle. NOTE: POM CLIP does NOT attach to key-chain.
  • POM Snap is our most innovative model, designed with a patent pending snap hook that attaches to any ring or lanyard accessory.

The VESTPAK™ Bulletproof Backpack.

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POM Pepper Spray Pocket Clip

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