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11 Attachments for Molle Backpack

11 Attachments for Molle Backpack

11 Attachments for 1” Webbing Molle Bags, Tactical Backpack, Tactical Vest

 4 Grimlock Locking D-Ring Carabiner Clips – 4 Molle Elastic Strings – 2 Straps 4” MOD Tac Tie.

  • COMPREHENSIVE KIT – This kit combines the best accessories for your tactical gear and molle webbing bags. Each item is selected for: durability, speed to open/close, can be used in dirt and sand, low IR signature. Sturdy nylon and non-rusty metal.
  • D-RING – Lightweight, breakaway feature for safety, corrosion-resistant spring. Quick to install. The formed hook supports 25 lbs on your molle bag. Closes with an easy snap. Quick-release. Stays safely closed.
  • MOLLE WEB ELASTIC STRING – Resistant and easy to install. Designed to tie together hanging straps, secure hydration tube, fasten objects on your molle webbing, keep your gear organized and tight.
  • ATTACHMENT STRAPS – Attach modular web accessories. Perfect to assemble modular molle webbing, attach to a belt. Safe snap.
  • KEYCHAIN – Perfect ring holder for your belt, your molle bag, etc. Combines Velcro and pressure button to secure the holder to your belt. Safe and quick release clip.  
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