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The Best Wrap Around Bulletproof Backpack” protecting front and back.

More Protection for Everyone.

 "We created the VESTPAK™ Bulletproof backpack with one simple yet vital purpose in mind: to protect lives".

The VESTPAK™ is a Ballistic Backpack for every civilian, law enforcement, and smart people in general.  Aside from having a NIJ Level IIIA panel in the back of the backpack, there’s the patented EASY PULL™ (deployment) tab on the side of the pack that deploys a wrap-around frontal NIJ level IIIA panel giving you a full frontal and rear IIIA protection.

In seconds, you are fully armored against most handgun and shotgun threats.  All vital areas are protected and all of this protection is stored in an attractive and modern.

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The VESTPAK™ backpack system contains 100% KEVLAR™ or better bulletproof material which protects the torso front and back.

The VESTPAK™ can be worn on a daily basis and is perfect for a normal commute or a quick flight. The perfect accessory for discreet operations.

Bulletproof backpack and emergency kits.

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