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Personal Safety

The Best Personal Safety Devices for Every Situation

We've carefully considered the different threats you might face both inside your home and out, and we've rounded up the best products to help you prepare for anything life throws at you.

Use Personal Safety Gear That Fits Your Needs 

There’s no uniform look for personal safety gear, but all the best tools feel a bit James Bond. We found super loud sirens, necklaces that text your friends, and even a pen that can break glass. The best self defense gear is tough, compact, and multi-functional—and these gadgets fit the bill.

We chose the SL Force Alarm as the best personal safety equipment because it suits the most people. It’s safe for kids and adults alike. The alarm comes with multiple units, so you can share with friends, coworkers, children, and family. Once activated, the SL Force releases a blaring 130 dB alarm (imagine standing next to a jet taking off). 

Like personal safety devices, personal emergencies come in many forms. So we wanted to find products that had more than one use like flashlights that can find your keys.  

Our Approach 

While all the personal safety devices we chose are unique, they’re each portable, multipurpose, and effective against attackers. 

We considered factors like batteries and apps that might cause problems in an emergency.

If an attacker strikes, the best self defense gadgets will buy you time to escape and get help. We included tools like stun guns, but they shouldn’t be your first line of defense.

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