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POLICE MAGNUM Pepper Spray For Self Defense- 6 Pack 1/2 Ounce with Safety Lock

Product description

Police Magnum Pepper Spray offers one of the most powerful concentrations of pepper spray allowed by law. This is the same spray used by police officers.

The unit allows for one-hand operation and can be used to provide multiple blasts. A suspect will be immediately affected with burning skin, coughing, watery eyes, runny nose, difficulty breathing but will have no permanent injuries. It is both non-toxic and non-flammable. Instantly repels an attacker.

Effective against: muggers, carjackers, rapists, etc. The devastating effects of the spray will stop even the most pain insensitive subjects like drug addicts, psychotics, and those under the influence of alcohol. Keep away from children and do not store in high heat. Due to restrictions in some areas, please check your local laws regarding use in your area.

In order to offer such a low price on a name-brand product, we buy direct from the manufacturer in bulk, which means without retail store packaging. We package them up really well to ensure they arrive safely and ready to use.

  • POWERFUL BURST OC SPRAY - Our high-quality pepper spray is pressurized higher than most to give strong 10-12 ft multiple blasts. No need to worry about weak drizzle when fired; a self-defense pepper spray unit you can rely on
  • SMALL AMOUNT FOR PEACE OF MIND - Police Magnum pepper spray for self-defense will provide high quality and reliability that you can depend on; our key-chain model maximum strength pepper spray will leave any size attacker incapacitated up to 30 mins
  • PRACTICAL CARRY SIZE- The mini pepper spray is discreet & stylish to go in your pocket; no need to worry about accidental discharge leaks as this unit will not go off with the twist-lock closed; trusted pepper spray for women
  • GUARANTEED 4 YEAR FORMULA - Every Police Magnum pepper spray has a 4-year reliable shelf life from purchase & holds strong pressure in the canisters; protected in a durable case with solid key-chains for car keys & apartment security spray

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