Bulletproof Backpack Vest

Bulletproof Backpack and Armor Bag Keep You and Your Kids Safe - Vestpak-Usafe

Returns Policy & Charge Backs

Return Items Policy

You can return most items sold on VESTPAK™ Store. When you return an item, you may see different return options depending on the seller, item and/or reason for return.

We may charge you a 25% re-stocking fee or PayPal's fee for canceling.

Please call us for more details

Sign up and complete the form to request an RMA number.

Make sure you fill all the information correctly, so there is no delay in your order.

Email us at: customerservice@vestpak-usafe.com

After you receive a RMA# Prepare and ship your return.

ChargeBack Policy

 Transactions where there is “No Match” for the CVV2 code is DECLINED.

 Transactions where there is “Zip Code Does Not Match” for the AVS is DECLINED.

International Refund & Returns

There is no REFUND or RETURNS on some items and a re-stocking fee is applied.

There is no RETURNS or REFUNDS on LOST International Transactions.

If you have any question Please contact us before placing your order.

Places like Guam, Hawaii , Alaska and Puerto Rico may require especial/additional shipping.

Purchaser agrees that the purchaser or his heirs, agents or assigns shall never bring any action in any court of law and disclaim any right to any damages from Seller, including compensatory damages, incidental damages, consequential damages, punitive damages, costs, and attorney’s fees. Buyer is responsible to make sure that body armor plates are worn in the correct way and right direction.