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Sabre S-1009

Sabre S-1009

Sabre S-1009


SABRE Tactical Stun Gun—Anti-Grab Technology (Shocks Person If They Try to Take)–Charge Emits Intimidating 95 dB—120 Lumen Flashlight, Wrist Strap & Holster

  • DELIVER PAINFUL STOPPING POWER! – This stun gun brings an impressive 1.25 µC charge (intolerable pain)—that’s reliable protection when you need it most! Independently tested by Rassettica Testing Limited [see exam certificate on left]
  • ATTACKER SHOCKED IF THEY TRY TO GRAB STUN GUN—Anti-Grab Bar Technology shocks attacker if they attempt to take the gun from you; Contoured grip aids hand alignment making it easy to use and control— also includes wrist strap & belt holster
  • DEFENDS UP CLOSE AND AT A DISTANCE–When deployed, the electric charge emits a menacing 95 db zapping sound. At a distance, use the bright 120 Lumen LED flashlight to disorient, possibly allowing you to escape to safety before needing the stun feature
  • KNOW HOW TO USE BEFORE YOU GO– Maximize Your Safety. You can learn how to use your SABRE stun gun before you go out and about with access to a free online training video
  • LEARN THE TRUTH-WATCH OUR VIDEO! - Volts DO NOT INDICATE strength! The US Natl Inst of Justice confirms CHARGE, measured in microCoulombs (µC), is the TRUE measure of strength! 0.5–1.0 µC = PAIN | 1.0+ µC = INTOLERABLE PAIN

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