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VESTPAK™ Bulletproof Backpack

More Protection for Everyone


 "We created the VESTPAK™ Bulletproof backpack with one simple yet vital purpose in mind: to protect lives".

We at Black Pencil are dedicated to the protection of every civilian, and our focus is to provide the best low profile Bulletproof Backpack. We create products that offer you and your loved ones the best protection available today, to be used by both civilians and military personnel.

Black Pencil Mobile addresses the unfortunate but rampant violence spikes in recent years. Terrorist activity, extremist outbreaks, gun violence, stabbings, school shootings…everyday something new occurs and it has become so commonplace and scattered across the media that consumers have become numb to the fact. Even more staggering is what goes beyond the scenes—the violence that is not blasted all over the media.

Black Pencil Mobile offers preventative measure products in order for civilians to be better prepared to protect themselves in such an event. Although government regulations on firearms have been a hot topic of debate in recent years, not much has been done to prevent such activity. Thus, it is up to the civilian to protect themselves; preventative action is key for safety.


Vestpak is currently offered in four different styles, with two other styles in the R&D pipeline. Each of these units are designed with the following qualities in mind: comfortable fit, sturdy material, subtle aesthetic for everyday use, and ballistic projectile effectiveness. Vestpak is for both the everyday civilian and military personnel, perfect for school, day trips, work, camping, and much more.
The Vestpak backpacks feature ballistic panels for full back and torso protection, with Vestpak "World" and "World Pro" models retrofitted completely with a full spare bulletproof vest, providing even more protection in a civilian backpack format. The Company is also developing a new technology, liquid armor, which is a gel that will provide even more protection

VESTPAK™ Video Demonstrations:

The VESTPAK™ backpack system contains flexible and rigid panels, 100% KEVLAR™ bulletproof material which protects the torso front and back. 

The VESTPAK™ can be worn on a daily basis and is perfect for normal commute or a quick flight. Perfect accessory for discreet operations.


New Models Coming Soon!





VESTPAK™ Bulletproof Backpack Features:

  • Patented EASYPULL™ Deployment
  • 2 armored panels, threat Level IIIA Standard or choice of Level III and IV Rigid Plates ( Optional).
  • Soft and Rigid panels
  • 15"x15" - 10.25"x16.5" Ballistic Panels Coverage
  • Polyethylene NIJ standard and Certified
  • 5-year warranty
  • 7.30 to 9.50 Lbs
  • Low Profile Tactical Backpacks with lots of storage inside.
  • Special Soft Touch Compartments for Laptop, iPads and smartphones.
  • Solar Panel (Standard)  Solar Charger (Optional)

    *If you are interested in purchasing VESTPAK™ Backpacks call us and we will schedule a meeting for demonstration and to talk about more details.

Please  call us at 424-252-2585

All the ballistic panels manufactured by Black Pencil are free from defects in material and workmanship for a period of 5 (five) years from the date of purchase. 
All nylon covers carry a 3-year warranty from the date of purchase.

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